It’s been a while since I posted, so I thought I would pop up a review I had recently.

“•Russian Volume Lashes

I’ve been so fed up of battling with false eyelashes. I could write a post on my false eyelashes faux pases but that can wait for another time. I decided after thinking about it for quite a while to try semi-permanent lashes and got booked in with Donna Adore Kirk.
I wasn’t really sure what to expect and when asked what effect I would like, in true Deborah fashion I said quite dramatic 😁😁😂😂
Donna was excellent, I lay on her treatment bed and she got to work on my dramatic eyelashes , as you can see from my before photos my own lashes are non-existent 😂😂.
Donna is fab you can’t feel her working away on your eyes and it really is a comfortable, relaxing experience.
Thinking to myself I wasn’t convinced that you would get away without wearing mascara but I was about to be proved wrong….
Once the eye masks came off and I was handed the mirror it was time to see my lashes!!!!
WOW what a difference straight away, I could see why I would never need mascara as they are really, really black… They were so perfect but also very dramatic. It was then I realised I’m more of a natural effect girl and Donna was great and offered to take some out for me. I can now say I love my lashes they are really comfortable and make such a difference. Please excuse the before photo it’s a bit yuck but this was the photo I sent to Donna when I was discussing getting booked in. The close up photo is also me but this was taken by Donna.
If you’re looking to getting semi-permanent lashes I recommend Russian volume lashes – I’m in love



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