Healthy Natural Lashes

It is of utmost importance to me that I protect the health of your natural lashes.  Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions are Enhancements.  They are to enhance your natural lashes and your eyes.  NOT damage them.

Sometimes at your first appointment you wont get the results that you (think you) want.  I listen to what look you want, and I assess the health of your natural lashes and apply what I think is safest.  In time if you really want them longer then I am happy to work up to that length providing it does not do any damage to your natural lashes, and I can also go a bit longer as a one off for a special event.

Most people don’t need a break from “my” lashes, but if there is ever a time I think you need to stop coming for a while I will tell you.  I also welcome feedback on any aspect of my work.

Here is a picture showing one of my clients.  The first of the photos is her lashes in 2014 when she started coming to me, and the second is January 2017.  If you look closely you can see that the 2014 picture has a few longer lashes, but if you look at the base of the lashes the 2017 picture is more dense with healthier lashes.  I would go as far to say there has been an improvement in this clients natural lashes.  The after pictures are very different, the 2014 is Classic lashes – 1 extension to 1 natural lash – and this was very early on in my lash career.  The 2017 shows the client with Russian Volume Lashes.  These are really the only extensions I offer as they are so light and fluffy.  They stay on better and look better as they grow/fall out.  The price of these reflects the extra products I have to use, more than double the amount of lashes! And also the skill involved.

Healthy Natural Lashes

D xx

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