New Years Resolution

As always it is my new years resolution to update my site a bit more – it won’t be hard to beat last years TWO posts!

I have just completely redesigned my logo, and I am finally happy that my branding reflects me. <3

You are maybe not aware, but I initially started out just doing nails.  I did Gelish on natural nails and was a mobile nail technician, I dabbled a bit in nail enhancements but I never really enjoyed doing them so I stuck to just Gelish.  Then one day I got it in my head that I wanted to learn to do Lash Extensions! I had a conversation with Chris (my husband), and he did some research and told me I’d be silly to do the training as most people seem to find doing lash extensions very difficult.  In the end I managed to persuade him, and honestly, the rest is history! I LOVE doing lash extensions.  I trained in Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions in May 2013 and then went on to do my Russian Volume Lash Training in November 2015.  I will do a separate post on the different types of Lash Enhancements, but I will say that I love the Russian Volume Lashes so much that I don’t offer Classic sets anymore.  To me there is just no comparison, the Russian Volume ones are just so much nicer.  I stopped doing Mobile services when my lash appointments started taking off due to time, if I was booked for one mobile nail appointment that would block out a whole night for me and I am too busy with Lashes to be able to do that anymore.  I do still do Gelish appointments in my work room at home though. D xx

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