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January 2019 Offer!

I’m just back from an amazing mentoring class in London with MLAB. So, I am giving out a £10 voucher to those who book in for a full set of Russian Volume Lashes. All you have to do to get the voucher code is tag a friend on my Facebook page ( and comment with your favourite animal (feel free to add a picture). I’ll then send you the code to use when you book online. The code can only be used this month – January 2019.


Save £20 on Russian Volume Lashes. Full set of lashes £50. Book before 12th November 2018 for an appointment in November.

Full price £70

Summer Offer

***Offer now expired***

When booking please type “offer” in the notes section.  I will then change the price on your booking once I’ve verified you have been to me at some point before New Year 2018.

Lash Enhancements

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions:

Cluster/party lashes – a ready made cluster of lashes are placed along the lash line. These should be removed properly to avoid natural lash damage

Express lashes – individual (single) lash extensions are placed along the lash line. Again these lashes need properly removed to avoid natural lash damage

Classic Semi-permanent lash extensions – a single lash extension is applied to a single isolated natural lash. When done properly these do not need to be removed, you can keep getting them topped up indefinitely or let them grow out.

Russian Volume Semi-permanent lash extensions – a manually made fan of single lash extensions are applied to a single isolated natural lash. Russian Volume lashes look more natural than any of the others, and they can also give a more dramatic look. As each fan is manually made at the time of application every set is different. When done properly these do not need to be removed, you can keep getting them topped up indefinitely or let them grow out.

I used to do Classic semi-permanent lash extensions, but I moved over to doing Russian Volume 2 years ago and they look and feel so much nicer. I have had all 4 types of lashes on myself and now I can honestly say I would never wear anything other than Russian Volume again.

The lashes that I do will not damage your natural lashes as long as you follow my after care instructions and do not pick them, I offer free removal for when you decide to have them off, but they are also fine to grow out.

I charge £70 for these lashes and it takes me around 2hrs to do. I recommend top-ups to keep them looking full every 2-4 week and prices are 2/3/4wks £30/35/40.

I often get asked how long they last, everyones lash cycle is different but generally it’s 6-8 weeks.  So after that amount of time all of the extensions will probably have fallen out if you haven’t had a top-up appointment.

D xx

New Years Resolution

As always it is my new years resolution to update my site a bit more – it won’t be hard to beat last years TWO posts!

I have just completely redesigned my logo, and I am finally happy that my branding reflects me. <3

You are maybe not aware, but I initially started out just doing nails.  I did Gelish on natural nails and was a mobile nail technician, I dabbled a bit in nail enhancements but I never really enjoyed doing them so I stuck to just Gelish.  Then one day I got it in my head that I wanted to learn to do Lash Extensions! I had a conversation with Chris (my husband), and he did some research and told me I’d be silly to do the training as most people seem to find doing lash extensions very difficult.  In the end I managed to persuade him, and honestly, the rest is history! I LOVE doing lash extensions.  I trained in Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions in May 2013 and then went on to do my Russian Volume Lash Training in November 2015.  I will do a separate post on the different types of Lash Enhancements, but I will say that I love the Russian Volume Lashes so much that I don’t offer Classic sets anymore.  To me there is just no comparison, the Russian Volume ones are just so much nicer.  I stopped doing Mobile services when my lash appointments started taking off due to time, if I was booked for one mobile nail appointment that would block out a whole night for me and I am too busy with Lashes to be able to do that anymore.  I do still do Gelish appointments in my work room at home though. D xx

My Baby is Starting School

Well, that time has finally come, and I will be sending my youngest off to School next week.  I can’t believe he’ll be in p1 and I’ll get my days to myself!  I’m going to miss my wee sidekick.

Did I just say I’ll get my days to myself? Ooops, what I actually meant to say is that I will now be taking appointments through the day.  I am going to be trialling the following times (term-time only)

Monday: 7-8:30pm
Tuesday: 10am-2:30pm & 7-9:30pm 
Wednesday: 10am-2:30pm
Thursday: 10am-2:30pm & 7-9:30pm 
Friday: 6:30-11pm

These times may be subject to change, but I’ll see how they go.

Healthy Natural Lashes

It is of utmost importance to me that I protect the health of your natural lashes.  Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions are Enhancements.  They are to enhance your natural lashes and your eyes.  NOT damage them.

Sometimes at your first appointment you wont get the results that you (think you) want.  I listen to what look you want, and I assess the health of your natural lashes and apply what I think is safest.  In time if you really want them longer then I am happy to work up to that length providing it does not do any damage to your natural lashes, and I can also go a bit longer as a one off for a special event.

Most people don’t need a break from “my” lashes, but if there is ever a time I think you need to stop coming for a while I will tell you.  I also welcome feedback on any aspect of my work.

Here is a picture showing one of my clients.  The first of the photos is her lashes in 2014 when she started coming to me, and the second is January 2017.  If you look closely you can see that the 2014 picture has a few longer lashes, but if you look at the base of the lashes the 2017 picture is more dense with healthier lashes.  I would go as far to say there has been an improvement in this clients natural lashes.  The after pictures are very different, the 2014 is Classic lashes – 1 extension to 1 natural lash – and this was very early on in my lash career.  The 2017 shows the client with Russian Volume Lashes.  These are really the only extensions I offer as they are so light and fluffy.  They stay on better and look better as they grow/fall out.  The price of these reflects the extra products I have to use, more than double the amount of lashes! And also the skill involved.

Healthy Natural Lashes

D xx


It’s been a while since I posted, so I thought I would pop up a review I had recently.

“•Russian Volume Lashes

I’ve been so fed up of battling with false eyelashes. I could write a post on my false eyelashes faux pases but that can wait for another time. I decided after thinking about it for quite a while to try semi-permanent lashes and got booked in with Donna Adore Kirk.
I wasn’t really sure what to expect and when asked what effect I would like, in true Deborah fashion I said quite dramatic 😁😁😂😂
Donna was excellent, I lay on her treatment bed and she got to work on my dramatic eyelashes , as you can see from my before photos my own lashes are non-existent 😂😂.
Donna is fab you can’t feel her working away on your eyes and it really is a comfortable, relaxing experience.
Thinking to myself I wasn’t convinced that you would get away without wearing mascara but I was about to be proved wrong….
Once the eye masks came off and I was handed the mirror it was time to see my lashes!!!!
WOW what a difference straight away, I could see why I would never need mascara as they are really, really black… They were so perfect but also very dramatic. It was then I realised I’m more of a natural effect girl and Donna was great and offered to take some out for me. I can now say I love my lashes they are really comfortable and make such a difference. Please excuse the before photo it’s a bit yuck but this was the photo I sent to Donna when I was discussing getting booked in. The close up photo is also me but this was taken by Donna.
If you’re looking to getting semi-permanent lashes I recommend Russian volume lashes – I’m in love