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January 2019 Offer!

I’m just back from an amazing mentoring class in London with MLAB. So, I am giving out a £10 voucher to those who book in for a full set of Russian Volume Lashes. All you have to do to get the voucher code is tag a friend on my Facebook page ( and comment with your favourite animal (feel free to add a picture). I’ll then send you the code to use when you book online. The code can only be used this month – January 2019.

Lash Enhancements

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions:

Cluster/party lashes – a ready made cluster of lashes are placed along the lash line. These should be removed properly to avoid natural lash damage

Express lashes – individual (single) lash extensions are placed along the lash line. Again these lashes need properly removed to avoid natural lash damage

Classic Semi-permanent lash extensions – a single lash extension is applied to a single isolated natural lash. When done properly these do not need to be removed, you can keep getting them topped up indefinitely or let them grow out.

Russian Volume Semi-permanent lash extensions – a manually made fan of single lash extensions are applied to a single isolated natural lash. Russian Volume lashes look more natural than any of the others, and they can also give a more dramatic look. As each fan is manually made at the time of application every set is different. When done properly these do not need to be removed, you can keep getting them topped up indefinitely or let them grow out.

I used to do Classic semi-permanent lash extensions, but I moved over to doing Russian Volume 2 years ago and they look and feel so much nicer. I have had all 4 types of lashes on myself and now I can honestly say I would never wear anything other than Russian Volume again.

The lashes that I do will not damage your natural lashes as long as you follow my after care instructions and do not pick them, I offer free removal for when you decide to have them off, but they are also fine to grow out.

I charge £70 for these lashes and it takes me around 2hrs to do. I recommend top-ups to keep them looking full every 2-4 week and prices are 2/3/4wks £30/35/40.

I often get asked how long they last, everyones lash cycle is different but generally it’s 6-8 weeks.  So after that amount of time all of the extensions will probably have fallen out if you haven’t had a top-up appointment.

D xx

Russian Volume Lashes

I have recently trained in Russian Volume Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions.  Instead of applying 1 extension to 1 isolated natural lash, I use lighter extensions and make a fan with 2-6 extensions and apply the fan to 1 isolated natural lash all using the same dip of glue.

Because lighter lash extensions are used in volume in can make the lashes look more natural and fluffy, however a much more glam effect can also be created.