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OMG I went to Stobo for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  It was a last minute thing, as someone in my friends group had dropped out.  I had the most amazing time!  I’m not going to lie, I looked at the prices etc and thought they were pretty steep, but from the moment I arrived it was pure luxury.  We stayed for two nights which was just perfect.  I don’t think I would want to go for any less time, but equally I think 3 nights would have been too long – I would have felt a lot more guilty for being away from my boys.

We had lunch on arrival instead of departure as we had to leave sharp on the Wednesday to get back for School pick ups.  The food was so good, 3 course meals for lunch and dinner (the portion sizes were pretty big), and the breakfast was hot and cold buffet style.

As I went last minute I never had time to book any treatments – they need to be booked about 10 days in advance.  But when I got there there was a sign up to say there were spaces available for a sports massage, which was top of my want list!!  We relaxed in the outdoor hot tubs, the sauna, steam rooms, lazed by the pool after a swim, we even took our adult colouring books!  We tried to read our books, but we got too carried away chatting to each other.

We had such a fab time and I would love to go back sometime, the time went so fast, but it was nice to get home to see my boys.  J was so happy to see me when I picked him up from School. 🙂


Oh! I almost forgot, the Ladies Rest Room…….Well! There was a menu telling you what to do – I will only say two words “Lady Wash”

D xx